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...that's how much in love I am with his Yoga for the Warrior!!

It's definitely tough, and there are several things I have to adapt, but it is a GREAT workout!!

I did it for the first time while I was home, and then again yesterday since didn't want to push my knee by running.


I was getting frustrated because I wasn't really able to do Half Moon because I'm not to the point of keeping my hand on the ground yet. When I went to Laughing Lotus* we were allowed to use blocks on those balance poses so we could do the pose while we built up flexibility. But I wasn't sure if that was copacetic with this workout, because Bob doesn't give that to the adapting guy as an option. So I @ commented Bob on Twitter to see if it was ok to use a block. Today he @ replied me back and said "totally OK" so woo!!! Getting myself a yoga block this afternoon!!!

*Laughing Lotus is this fantastic yoga studio I found a few years ago. I don't even remember how. but I fell in love with it. Some instructors I liked and related to more than others, but that's normal and could easily be worked around. I stopped going, largely because of money - I couldn't really do a 3-month class card all the time, and I felt like I would burn through a 10-class card too quickly because I was going multiple times a week. But as I'm getting back into things, I am finding that while I can do yoga at home by myself, I really miss the community that exists at the studio. Even with different people in classes, there is a sense of community there. So I'm looking at budget and things, and they have a 10-class card special until Tuesday. Since I'm doing running and stuff, realistically I'd go once, maybe twice a week, so a 10-class card would last me about 2 months. And I could do that. So I think I will go to a class on Monday or Tuesday and get that card. :)


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