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So today was Day 1 of Week 2 on C25K. It was tougher than I'd anticipated - especially the later intervals. I did drop the speed from 5mph to 4.7 or 4.8mph in the last couple of intervals. BUT I made it all the way through the run.

I don't know if it was all the jump or if it's the way the program is set up so you have two days off between weeks, but I definitely struggled. Oh well...if it's not a struggle, I guess I need to push harder to make it a struggle, right?

Still, I came home and did Yoga Meltdown too. Not gonna lie - I was shaking through that workout like I haven't before (I managed to hold both of the T-stands, though I did fall out of one during the Rolling T part). I'm sure it was because of the running earlier - that combined with the heat and humidity probably. Yes, I was drinking plenty of water. Yes, I had a snack (a luna bar). So I'm sure it was mostly the added stuff from the running.

But I made it through both workouts, and I'm still standing. I feel proud.

Rumor has it that we're getting our first summer school checks tomorrow (I'm sure the mayor or chancellor or whoever decided to go with the 7-10-15 day split on the checks so they'll ultimately get more taxes from us than the 10-10-12 split we had last year), and if that's the case, I'll have my first "real" running shoes either tomorrow night or Saturday!! :) Woohoo!!!

And now? This melted little girl is off to take a well-deserved shower!
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This morning I went to the gym and finished up week 1 of my C25K program! It actually wasn't that bad overall. The first interval was a bit of "GRRRR" but I made it, and by the last one was surprised at how quickly it came up.

I did get new earphones, so I wasn't spending half the time once I got sweaty arguing with the earbuds I was using. I hate earbuds. I don't think my ears are the right shape for them. I either need something IN my ear or ON my ear. Not the weird in/on mesh that buds do. Well, not the free-flying buds. The new ones I got are technically ear buds, but they're the kind with the over-ear clip to hold them in place. MUCH BETTER!!!

And I'm not gonna lie - I did pick a treadmill in front of an air vent, so I had cooling as I ran. Advantages of getting to the gym in time to get a good one! :P

There was a "coach" (my gym doesn't have "personal trainers" but they have people who do small group training...today he was roaming and helping as needed) today who was helping someone else on a treadmill and noticed I wasn't exactly sure what to do with my arms. He told me to think of my arms when I'm running "like tiny little t-rex arms" that are just kind of there. It made me laugh, but it seemed to help. So yay for tiny little t-rex arms!!

My next date with the treadmill is on Thursday. Woohoo!

Did yoga meltdown a little while ago. I managed to stay in the held Rolling T (ok, I realize that makes no sense unless you know the program... Jillian has you moving in each pose, then you hold the last one for 15 seconds. So by "held Rolling T" I mean the last one in that circuit) for all 15 seconds without tumbling out of the pose onto the floor. Yes I was shaking, and yes I was at the point of collapsing into said heap on the floor, but I pushed through and I made it! :) Woohoo!!!
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I think I've decided I really like this combination - go to the gym and do my walk/run in C25K, then come home and do Yoga Meltdown! :) It makes me happy and feel really good!!

Got up this morning - at 6:30ish, but considering I went to bed at 9ish last night, a full night's sleep, and my body really wasn't having any more sleep at the time. Drank my banana breakfast shake (LOVE!!!!) and some water and some green tea, then got changed and headed off to the gym.

Did Week 1 Day 2 of C25K. Today I decided to try and push my running up from 4.5mph to 5mph, and I succeeded! :) Granted, there were times I was having to visualize Jillian or Bob standing there pushing me to finish a running interval (seriously? one or both of them need to do a C25K podcast!!!), but I made all the way through. The weird thing (? or maybe not so weird?) is that while I was really struggling and wishing the next to last couple of intervals were over, the last interval seemed to fly by.

My left hip muscle is protesting a little bit, but I think it's because it cramped up badly last night - or I slept on it weird...not sure which, but I woke up with it screaming at me and had to manually move my leg around. I pulled it back in 7th grade, so it's been susceptible to cramps ever since then. Weirdly it didn't cramp up the night after my first run, so I'm leaning towards I somehow slept on it weird. At any rate, it was ok for the run, so woo! And yes, when I get paid on the 15th, I'm hitting a running store that does video analysis for fitting and getting my first "official" pair of running shoes, so if it IS my shoes (though again, why a day later) that should get taken care of soon.

Then I went and stretched a good bit before heading back to the subway to come home.

Got home and did Level 1 of Yoga Meltdown. Completely love that workout!!

Now I should probably go and fix lunch since breakfast was about 4 hours ago. :P
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So after joining Planet Fitness yesterday and being pointed in the direction of the Couch to 5K program, today was my first day to start running.

It wasn't horrible, but honestly, if I didn't have the foundation I've gotten from Jillian's dvds, I'm not sure I would have made it. I'm using a podcast I found to help get me with timing and stuff, and that helps a lot. I may scout around and see if I can find others that perhaps use different music. (Anyone know off-hand if there are any with showtunes as the music rather than club stuff?)

But bottom line is I did it! I'll head back over to the gym on Saturday and do it again. I think my three days will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. So woo!

Came home and did Jillian's Yoga Meltdown to keep stretching my muscles while they were still relatively warm. I love that workout!!

I figure my off days from running will be the Shred or BFBM or one of Bob's dvds when they get here. Keep myself active and going! :)
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Yesterday I was trying to wait out a possible coming storm which could have shut off power mid-workout and accidentally fell asleep. I had a concert to go to last night, so I didn't have time to squeeze something in AND get a shower before I had to leave. So I swore I'd double up today.

My thinking was I'd do BFBM since it's twice as long as your average Shred.

What DID I do? Yoga Meltdown. Level 1 and Level 2. Back to back.

Apparently I'm crazy?

To be fair, I did fall out of some of the level 2 poses and resort to Child's Pose (I've done yoga before, so I know it even if it never makes an appearance in Yoga Meltdown) a couple of times, but overall I did it. AND when it was time for the hold in Goddess, I held the entire time. Not all the way down like Basheera, but at least down as far as Maddie.

I don't know if I'll do this on a regular basis, but right now I'm pretty damn proud of myself right now!
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Did Level 1 again this evening. :) Yay!

Also? Walked all around Times Square, Chelsea, Union Square, Greenwich Village, the East Village, and 14th Street. So lots of exercise in today!

To make up for the icky eating I've done this weekend so far. Oops!
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Yay for Yoga Meltdown! I've done it for 9 days now!! :)

Shredheads May Challenge? Day 14 complete!

I'm a rock star!!

(Ok, it's been done since 4:30ish this afternoon. But I went into Manhattan to see a show. :P )
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Today was back to Level 1 for a bit longer. But I pushed it hard!! :D

AND AND AND!!!!!!!!

I didn't fall out of any of my Rolling Ts today!!! I did them all!!! Also? I managed to get both hands behind me in BOTH Camel poses!!!

I'm proud!!

I think how I managed to do it really didn't have much to do with having done Level 2 yesterday. Instead, before I started, I thought about how when I went to a yoga studio in Chelsea, I seemed to do best if I got my mind out of the way and just let my body do the work.

Whatever I did, it worked! :D YAY!
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Today I decided to try Level 2 and see if that presented less issues than Level 1 and the Rolling Ts.

The verdict is...not really. There is one almost table pose that is definitely harder than the Rolling Ts. I held as long as I could, but bottom line is I don't have the arm strength to hold my body up on one arm for very long yet. I'm getting there. But not quite yet.

So tomorrow I'll probably do Level 1 again and stick with that until I can stack my feet in the stable side plank and stay for 15 seconds.

I'm debating doing Level 1 today just to do it...but I feel like I did most everything well. Maybe I'll just do some push-ups. Hmm...
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Still loving it!

Still hating Rolling Ts. I fall out of them at least once during each circuit. But I'm trying.
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Did it!

Still hate Rolling Ts. But overall love the workout! :D

http://www.shredheads.com Exercise Every Day in May Challenge Day 10 completed!!
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I wasn't sure I was going to get this in today, and it pretty much caused a meltdown. I didn't realize how much I've grown to depend on exercise until I thought I was going to have to miss a day. See, I got roped into being an acolyte at church, and today was my first time on, so I had to be there 45 minutes early to block the service (block being used in the theatrical sense of the word). The subways are f-ed up this weekend, so I had to leave extra early. THEN a friend who's staying with me had gotten us tickets for a play at 3pm, so that meant that I had to go there right after church. I was so not in a good mood - since I'm trying to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night and it was close to midnight before I got home I couldn't do my workout before I left for church. And I wasn't sure what time I was going to get home.

So... I took the subway up to 42nd and walked down to church (28th and 9th) to at least get some walking in. Also there was some walking to get from church to the theater, and then from the theater to get back to the A train stop.

But I got home in time to get another day of the workout in! Today I managed to do the full camel pose for a set and a half. Woo! Still loving it...though I HATE the rolling Ts. Those are NOT fun.

I'm feeling a bit more settled, but still not great. I think it's time to get in bed and read for a few minutes, then go to sleep.
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Still loving this workout!! I suspect I'll be on Level 1 for a while, but that's cool. I still get a good workout in and feel it when I'm finished! :D


There will be a good bit of walking in today as well - going into Manhattan for a double show day, so I'll be wandering in between to kill time. Bonus exercise!! :D
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I'm not sure why I'm numbering them... Oh well.

I did it for the second day. Definitely still challenging. I know I'm not getting down as far as I should in the "chataraunga (sp) push-ups", but I'm trying to go down as far as I can. Definitely hard though.

Still, I love yoga, so combining that with Jillian, it's a great match for me! That said, I do think I'm going to have to work in some other exercise as well...perhaps go through the Shred again... We shall see.
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So if you've been following my journey through my first 30 days of Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred, you know that yesterday was my last day of that. At least for this go-round.

Several twitter friends of mine, at my "Ok, so I lost 12.5 pounds in the first go-round. Which I guess is good." tweet responded with variations on "Are you kidding? That is AWESOME!" So... If I seemed a bit blah in the weigh-in post, let me restate...


Regardless, I finished all 30 days, and so as I promised myself, my reward for doing all 30 days is I get to start Jillian's Yoga Meltdown. Now, my intent had been to buy it, but the reality of NYC rents and needing to have food to survive set in, and I realized that I'll need to buy it with my paycheck next Friday. In the meantime, netflix has it!! Gotta love their no return dates thing!!

I've done yoga before, but it's been a while (it's on my list of things to start back at the studio I went to once I can swing it...hopefully summer school money will allow that), so I started with Level 1. And I'm glad I did! Level 1 is plenty tough to start with. You're using your body for your muscle resistance.

And yes, I was plenty sweaty when I finished, so it's definitely a workout!

But I LOVE it!!!


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