Jun. 3rd, 2010


Jun. 3rd, 2010 06:07 am
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Tis the day to weigh in... And so...

Last week: 188
This week: 186.5

So yay! A pound and a half loss!! That's the way I like the scales to go!!

But but but!!! So I was texting with a friend yesterday - we're being long-distance weight-loss buddies - and being bummed that even though I've lost weight, my jeans aren't to the point where I needw to get new ones (and no, I was not wearing them really tight). She asked me if I'd tried on any new clothes because she didn't think she had gone down any sizes but she had. Well, at the time it was late, so I couldn't run out to a store, but I pulled out a formal dress I've had since 2005. At the time I managed to get into it with a girdle and extra control-top hose, but since then it's been hard (like even when I tried to sell it on Craig's List I had to take pictures of it on a hanger because I couldn't zip it.

Not only could I zip it, it's actually too big in the bust area!! Like, the only way it was staying up is the "bone" structure of the bodice. It's definitely form-fitting in the waist-to-hips area, but it zipped comfortably. If I had to wear it again, I could do so comfortably with some tailoring in the bust area.

So yay!!!

Also? I now definitely see why they say bras need to be refitted with every 10 pounds of weight lost (or gained). Good thing I've got a fitting scheduled on Sunday huh?
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Oh yeah! I rock!!!

NO BREAKS!!!! Even during the jump twist things that were the death of me last round. I did the whole thing with no breaks!! AND I even did baby push ups in the walking push ups!!

I am awesome!!! :D

Should I add I did this WITH a bruised thumb and hip and sore muscles from a slight accident with a scooter at "Fun Field Day" today at school? I inadvertently demonstrated to the kidlets why they should wear helmets when riding scooters when mine hit a rut and I went over.

Can I say it again? I am awesome and I rock! :D


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