Jun. 6th, 2010

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Get at me! It would have been really easy to say "Oh, I did two rounds yesterday, so I can skip today" but I didn't do two rounds yesterday to be able to skip. I did it more as a challenge to myself to see if I could do it.

So I did today's round (only a single this time) - but to add in a challenge, I decided to attempt at least one set of plank jacks. Of course I decided this halfway through the first round, so I held off and decided to attempt it the second round. And you know what? They're not that bad! Tomorrow? Both sets. Then maybe I'll try squat thrusts...the jury is still out on that one.

I should say, if anyone has comments or questions or thoughts, feel free to comment. I'm not an expert by any means...just a girl trying to get myself in shape. :)
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...you really SHOULD be refitted for a bra with a 10 pound gain or loss. Believe them!!

Ok...this morning at church one of my best friends - who hasn't been there in about 3 weeks - was telling me he could really see a difference, especially in my face and neck but also in my waist and stuff. His words were "You see yourself every day, so it's harder to see, but I haven't seen you in 3 weeks, and believe me, there's a difference." My response was "Thanks RJ..." But in my head I was still skeptical.

My jeans still fit. Ok, when they're stretched out from wearing I can pull them off and on without unfastening them, but they're not to the point where they're falling off and I need to get new ones. Out of curiosity, while I was wandering around SoHo this afternoon, I went into Old Navy to try on a smaller size pair of jeans just to see. Right now I'm in a 16.

Ok, so technically I can get in a 14 (the Sweetheart style only) and fasten them and sit, but they're tight and not comfortable.

Now...I was getting really confused because I've lost 15.5 pounds as of this morning (yeah, I cheated and hopped on the scale) since I started this thing. But my jeans are still essentially the same size??? What's up with that???

Well, some of my facebook friends and twitter friends SAID that I was probably losing it in other places - and that typically women lose it in their chest first. And you know what?

They were right!!

I was wandering in SoHo because I'd signed up to attend this free Perfect Cup fitting event sponsored by Skinny Cow Ice Cream (May I just say...we each got a single size cup of one of three flavors...and the Dulce du Leche is AMAHZING!!! As good as (at least) Hagen Daz!!!) and Olga/Warners. I figured I've definitely lost more than 10 pounds since I was last measured, so go for it!

I got back to my little fitting room, and my fitter - who was wonderful and very nice - asked me what size I was in now. I honestly wasn't sure what size the bra I had on was, but I knew this morning I'd worn a 42DD, which is the Victoria's Secret bra I got when I was last fitted. (Turns out the bra I was wearing was also 42DD. Who knew?) I told her, and added that I'd lost weight since I was measured. She nodded and said "Yeah, I can tell you right now you're NOT a 42. Let's see what you are."


That is FOUR INCHES off my chest!!!!!! FOUR INCHES!!!!!

If that isn't incentive to keep going, I don't know what is!!!!

(AND in addition to my free ice cream (only 150 calories in this little cup!!), I get a free bra!!! They're mailing it to me, but WOOHOO!!! Free is definitely good! Especially since I still have weight to lose.)


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