Jun. 19th, 2010

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Yes, I confess, I was bad. I didn't Shred Thursday OR Friday. :( But I got back on the horse and did it today.

I'm not going to make up some phony excuse. Life got in the way. Thursday, we had a half-day of school and then a lunch thing to talk about the year, where we're going, etc., and it was at a place that wasn't really public transportation-friendly. So it took me almost 90 minutes to get home as opposed to the 45-50 minutes I usually deal with. And I had to meet a friend in Manhattan to talk about church stuff, and I didn't think she'd gotten my email requesting that we move it back to 6:30 - which would have given me time to Shred and shower - until I got a message from her asking if we could make it 6:30...when it was too late for me to do anything about it. That said, I did get a lot more walking and stairs in than usual. So that's something. Then yesterday, I laid down on my bed to let the living room cool off a little, and I accidentally took a nap. Oops!

But I did Shred today and don't plan to skip again!!


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Acronyms You Should Know

30DS or The Shred = The 30 Day Shred (Jillian)
BFBM = Banish Fat Boost Metabolism (Jillian)
YM = Yoga Meltdown (Jillian)
TBL = The Biggest Loser
C25K = Couch to 5K

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