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...you really SHOULD be refitted for a bra with a 10 pound gain or loss. Believe them!!

Ok...this morning at church one of my best friends - who hasn't been there in about 3 weeks - was telling me he could really see a difference, especially in my face and neck but also in my waist and stuff. His words were "You see yourself every day, so it's harder to see, but I haven't seen you in 3 weeks, and believe me, there's a difference." My response was "Thanks RJ..." But in my head I was still skeptical.

My jeans still fit. Ok, when they're stretched out from wearing I can pull them off and on without unfastening them, but they're not to the point where they're falling off and I need to get new ones. Out of curiosity, while I was wandering around SoHo this afternoon, I went into Old Navy to try on a smaller size pair of jeans just to see. Right now I'm in a 16.

Ok, so technically I can get in a 14 (the Sweetheart style only) and fasten them and sit, but they're tight and not comfortable.

Now...I was getting really confused because I've lost 15.5 pounds as of this morning (yeah, I cheated and hopped on the scale) since I started this thing. But my jeans are still essentially the same size??? What's up with that???

Well, some of my facebook friends and twitter friends SAID that I was probably losing it in other places - and that typically women lose it in their chest first. And you know what?

They were right!!

I was wandering in SoHo because I'd signed up to attend this free Perfect Cup fitting event sponsored by Skinny Cow Ice Cream (May I just say...we each got a single size cup of one of three flavors...and the Dulce du Leche is AMAHZING!!! As good as (at least) Hagen Daz!!!) and Olga/Warners. I figured I've definitely lost more than 10 pounds since I was last measured, so go for it!

I got back to my little fitting room, and my fitter - who was wonderful and very nice - asked me what size I was in now. I honestly wasn't sure what size the bra I had on was, but I knew this morning I'd worn a 42DD, which is the Victoria's Secret bra I got when I was last fitted. (Turns out the bra I was wearing was also 42DD. Who knew?) I told her, and added that I'd lost weight since I was measured. She nodded and said "Yeah, I can tell you right now you're NOT a 42. Let's see what you are."


That is FOUR INCHES off my chest!!!!!! FOUR INCHES!!!!!

If that isn't incentive to keep going, I don't know what is!!!!

(AND in addition to my free ice cream (only 150 calories in this little cup!!), I get a free bra!!! They're mailing it to me, but WOOHOO!!! Free is definitely good! Especially since I still have weight to lose.)


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