Rest Day

Aug. 26th, 2010 11:11 pm
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So as I said i was going to for the knee, I took today VERY easy. I didn't leave my apartment until I heard the mail come, then I walked the less than 10 yards to the mailboxes. At that point I decided to see how I did with steps, so I went about halfway up the stairs that lead to the second floor and came down.


And I was good after that. I didn't say "Oh, no pain so I'll go work out." Nope! I still kept resting the knee.

I was going into Manhattan for a gig a friend of mine was doing, and I decided to go in a little early and get a pedicure - I usually splurge and get myself the one that includes a leg and foot massage. SOOOOO good!!! Then rather than walking down the 30+ blocks to Joe's Pub, I took the subway to 8th Street so I only had a few blocks to walk.

Concert was AWESOME! My friend can totally sing!! I <3 her!!!

I did walk up about 8 blocks to Union Square to get a couple of running books (Marathoning for Mortals and Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running) and a couple of blank books (for fiction writing class and for NaNoWriMo) at Barnes and Noble. Knee still felt good. Twinged a LITTLE on the stairs going down into the subway - the first set. The subsequent sets it didn't hurt that much. I'm almost inclined to think that I psyched myself into it hurting that one staircase by thinking how the knee hadn't really hurt much and I had just walked a good bit.

I'm thinking I may do yoga tomorrow anyway - just take it a little easier and not pressure it so much. Then see how it goes and determine what I'll do on Saturday.

I did get a new scale tonight. It's one that tracks and does body analysis - BMI, body fat %, body water %, and bone density. I'll get back to my Friday weigh-ins in the morning.


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