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Seriously. This DVD is AMAZING!!!! It's challenging, but so doable - even if you have to modify some things (like I still can't get my hands to connect in the pretzel thing, but I'm getting closer!!

It's definitely my favorite workout DVD of the moment!!!!

That said, via Shredheads I'm signed up for "Team Bob" for the month of September. We'll be working our way through Bob's workouts as per the schedule he outlines here. AND I'm keeping up my running at least three days a week. So this should be VERY interesting!

But I'm psyched for it!!

In other news, the little heart rate monitor I got yesterday and was so excited to try failed to work at all today. Well, I could get a reading using the touch sensor on the watch, but that's not going to help me DURING my workout as I can't do an entire workout touching the watch. That's the point of the chest strap. It worked perfectly yesterday when I tried it for 10 minutes, but this morning nothing I did would get the chest strap to pick up anything. :( So I took it back to the store. At first the manager tried to make me just exchange it for another, but I held my ground. I very calmly explained that the only likely explanation for it not working was a dead battery in the chest strap, and since the monitors come with the watch in "power save" mode, that would mean that it's been sitting around in a warehouse for far too long, and I didn't trust that any I exchanged it for would be any more recently put into inventory. I said I would like a refund please. He said he couldn't argue with that (meaning I was right, that they've been sitting around a warehouse for far too long - so obviously they are not moving them at all or very quickly) and refunded my purchase. NOW to see how long it takes to show up at the bank again. Once it does, I am going to head to Jack Rabbit and get a Polar HRM. In this case it really does seem you get what you pay for. (Also? I can guarantee you they're moving the monitors at running stores. I'm choosing Jack Rabbit since I get 10% off purchases and I love them for all the help they've given me! Yay!) IF all goes as you would think it should, I could have a monitor as soon as tomorrow. But I'm not holding my breath as putting the money back on the card/in the account usually takes longer than taking it off/taking it out.


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30DS or The Shred = The 30 Day Shred (Jillian)
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