Aug. 11th, 2010 05:00 pm
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What a difference a month makes! At least when you're being consistent with something like c25k (even if not as much with other things).

I've finished 6 weeks of c25k and am now (well as of tomorrow) into the solid runs rather than intervals! Yesterday I managed almost all of my 25 minutes at 4.7mph. I had to drop down for a little while to get my breath/not puke because the poster child for why people shouldn't be allowed to use body spray BEFORE working out chose the treadmill right next to mine and I wasn't sure if I was on the verge of puking or an asthma attack. If something like that happens again, I'll say something to the gym staff - like suggest that if they feel they can't say "please refrain from using body spray before your workout" could there at least be "body spray free" locations in the gym. Nevertheless, with my 10 minutes warm-up and cool-down and the 25 minutes of running (maybe 5 at a fast fast walk or slow slow jog) I managed 2.5 miles! So woo!!

My plan today had been to either do No More Trouble Zones or Banish Fat Boost Metabolism (both Jillian's) today, but. We had a cookout at work, and I ate FAR too much lunch. So that meant PUNISHMENT! Which meant Bob's Cardio. Which I last (and first) did a month ago on July 10. And almost died doing it! So much modification. So much cursing at the computer (I use the dvd player on there because there's no room in my bedroom where the dvd player and tv are). Given how long it's been since I did it, I expected the worst.

But guess what? I did it! Very few modifications - and the ones I did do were more on the strength moves than on the cardio moves! I actually did it! By no means was it easy! I'm not crazy!! But it was significantly "easier" than the last time. I guess all the running really has increased my endurance!!
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It wasn't pretty, but I did it.

I think I need to try and focus on time rather than distance. I was looking at the "spreadsheet" and realized they're basing their distances on a 10-minute mile. And I'm not there yet. I can't even do a full 15 minutes at 5mph (a 12 minute mile) - I have to drop down to 4.7 or 4.8 for at least 30 seconds. Or I have the past two runs.

Saturday - which will be early as I've got Lilith Fair tickets starting at 3pm - is the two 8-minute run segments. And then Monday will be the first 20 minute run. EEK!!! Definitely making Sunday a rest day before that!!!

I suspect that part of the issue may be that I've been something along the lines of a slug as of late on my non-run days - and not doing the Yoga thing after my runs. Must get back on doing more workouts! Like TOMORROW!!!
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I've still been doing my workouts. Well, at least the running ones. I've just been busy and not really updating. Sorry!!! I'll do my best to be better!!!

I'm in week 4 of couch to 5K. Today was day 2. It's still crazy hot, so I haven't attempted a non-gym run yet. I need it to get cooler so I can plan some of those - specifically ones that will include some hills since Central Park has them. I'm also thinking that I may try a practice run on the route during the week before my 5K.

Week 4 is that of the 3 min run/90 second walk/5 min run/2.5 min walk times two. This morning, I started my run segments at 4.6mph. I still felt really good after the 5 min run, and decided to push up to 5mph for the next 3 min run. Made it! And then my mind flashed to Jillian's admonition to not whimp out at the end of the workout but to push harder then, and decided to go for the 5 min run at 5mph. What the hell, right?

I made it!!! All 5 minutes at 5mph!!!

I gotta say...I felt slightly bad ass after that. I know I've got a long way to go, but that really felt good!!!
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So today was Day 1 of Week 2 on C25K. It was tougher than I'd anticipated - especially the later intervals. I did drop the speed from 5mph to 4.7 or 4.8mph in the last couple of intervals. BUT I made it all the way through the run.

I don't know if it was all the jump or if it's the way the program is set up so you have two days off between weeks, but I definitely struggled. Oh well...if it's not a struggle, I guess I need to push harder to make it a struggle, right?

Still, I came home and did Yoga Meltdown too. Not gonna lie - I was shaking through that workout like I haven't before (I managed to hold both of the T-stands, though I did fall out of one during the Rolling T part). I'm sure it was because of the running earlier - that combined with the heat and humidity probably. Yes, I was drinking plenty of water. Yes, I had a snack (a luna bar). So I'm sure it was mostly the added stuff from the running.

But I made it through both workouts, and I'm still standing. I feel proud.

Rumor has it that we're getting our first summer school checks tomorrow (I'm sure the mayor or chancellor or whoever decided to go with the 7-10-15 day split on the checks so they'll ultimately get more taxes from us than the 10-10-12 split we had last year), and if that's the case, I'll have my first "real" running shoes either tomorrow night or Saturday!! :) Woohoo!!!

And now? This melted little girl is off to take a well-deserved shower!
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This morning I went to the gym and finished up week 1 of my C25K program! It actually wasn't that bad overall. The first interval was a bit of "GRRRR" but I made it, and by the last one was surprised at how quickly it came up.

I did get new earphones, so I wasn't spending half the time once I got sweaty arguing with the earbuds I was using. I hate earbuds. I don't think my ears are the right shape for them. I either need something IN my ear or ON my ear. Not the weird in/on mesh that buds do. Well, not the free-flying buds. The new ones I got are technically ear buds, but they're the kind with the over-ear clip to hold them in place. MUCH BETTER!!!

And I'm not gonna lie - I did pick a treadmill in front of an air vent, so I had cooling as I ran. Advantages of getting to the gym in time to get a good one! :P

There was a "coach" (my gym doesn't have "personal trainers" but they have people who do small group he was roaming and helping as needed) today who was helping someone else on a treadmill and noticed I wasn't exactly sure what to do with my arms. He told me to think of my arms when I'm running "like tiny little t-rex arms" that are just kind of there. It made me laugh, but it seemed to help. So yay for tiny little t-rex arms!!

My next date with the treadmill is on Thursday. Woohoo!

Did yoga meltdown a little while ago. I managed to stay in the held Rolling T (ok, I realize that makes no sense unless you know the program... Jillian has you moving in each pose, then you hold the last one for 15 seconds. So by "held Rolling T" I mean the last one in that circuit) for all 15 seconds without tumbling out of the pose onto the floor. Yes I was shaking, and yes I was at the point of collapsing into said heap on the floor, but I pushed through and I made it! :) Woohoo!!!
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I think I've decided I really like this combination - go to the gym and do my walk/run in C25K, then come home and do Yoga Meltdown! :) It makes me happy and feel really good!!

Got up this morning - at 6:30ish, but considering I went to bed at 9ish last night, a full night's sleep, and my body really wasn't having any more sleep at the time. Drank my banana breakfast shake (LOVE!!!!) and some water and some green tea, then got changed and headed off to the gym.

Did Week 1 Day 2 of C25K. Today I decided to try and push my running up from 4.5mph to 5mph, and I succeeded! :) Granted, there were times I was having to visualize Jillian or Bob standing there pushing me to finish a running interval (seriously? one or both of them need to do a C25K podcast!!!), but I made all the way through. The weird thing (? or maybe not so weird?) is that while I was really struggling and wishing the next to last couple of intervals were over, the last interval seemed to fly by.

My left hip muscle is protesting a little bit, but I think it's because it cramped up badly last night - or I slept on it weird...not sure which, but I woke up with it screaming at me and had to manually move my leg around. I pulled it back in 7th grade, so it's been susceptible to cramps ever since then. Weirdly it didn't cramp up the night after my first run, so I'm leaning towards I somehow slept on it weird. At any rate, it was ok for the run, so woo! And yes, when I get paid on the 15th, I'm hitting a running store that does video analysis for fitting and getting my first "official" pair of running shoes, so if it IS my shoes (though again, why a day later) that should get taken care of soon.

Then I went and stretched a good bit before heading back to the subway to come home.

Got home and did Level 1 of Yoga Meltdown. Completely love that workout!!

Now I should probably go and fix lunch since breakfast was about 4 hours ago. :P
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So after joining Planet Fitness yesterday and being pointed in the direction of the Couch to 5K program, today was my first day to start running.

It wasn't horrible, but honestly, if I didn't have the foundation I've gotten from Jillian's dvds, I'm not sure I would have made it. I'm using a podcast I found to help get me with timing and stuff, and that helps a lot. I may scout around and see if I can find others that perhaps use different music. (Anyone know off-hand if there are any with showtunes as the music rather than club stuff?)

But bottom line is I did it! I'll head back over to the gym on Saturday and do it again. I think my three days will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. So woo!

Came home and did Jillian's Yoga Meltdown to keep stretching my muscles while they were still relatively warm. I love that workout!!

I figure my off days from running will be the Shred or BFBM or one of Bob's dvds when they get here. Keep myself active and going! :)
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While my brain thought it was just a peachy keen idea to do both levels of YM yesterday, my legs and shoulders begged to differ this morning. (They're still begging to differ if I'm being honest.) I'm trying to convince them that it's a GOOD thing...

So today I decided since they didn't seem to be too happy with yesterday's option, today was BFBM (Burn Fat Boost Metabolism in case you forgot). Man...that is a tough workout. I was drenched when I finished it.

Take that muscles!!! :P

On another note, I was looking at gym options. Through the Department of Ed, I could get a "discount" on NYSC membership - $72/month. When I was going to Trader Joe's this morning, I was on the bus and actually SAW the Brooklyn Planet Fitness - I'd figured it was somewhere hard to get to, being stupid and not it. Turns out it's an easy 4-stop subway ride or short bus ride from my apartment. AND I can go there directly from school without having to change trains! AND for a membership at that club only it's $10/month. So I went to check it out today. It's new, it's got cardio equipment upstairs and downstairs, and it seems really friendly. And did I mention it's $10/month? It doesn't have classes, but realistically with my DVDs (soon to include Bob's new series which I ordered today), I' not going to be taking that many classes anyway. So...

I signed up! :) I'll go tomorrow after summer school orientation!

AND since I've now got access to treadmills, I'm going to teach (train?) myself to run! I've always wanted to, but haven't really managed to succeed - mainly because I've not had access to a track or treadmill on a regular basis to get in the habit. I've found a schedule for a C25K (Couch-to-5K) program I'm going to use.

And I'm shooting for my first 5K to be in early September. I'd thought I'd do the WTC Run to Remember on 9/5 - registration for that isn't open yet. Then I was doing some more investigation and discovered that the Komen Race for the Cure is 9/12. We're out of school that weekend (Thursday through Saturday), and I'd planned to go up to Provincetown, coming back Sunday...but now I'm not so sure. I've done the Komen before, but as a walk. Because I've been close to several people who have had breast cancer, it would mean a lot to make that my first one. So...I'll need to make a decision soon about that.

But at any rate, I hope that by this time on 9/12 I will have finished my first 5K...running.


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