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I'm not calling it a "spin bike" because it's NOT a "spin bike" - but it is a stationary bike. :) (It looks just like the one in my icon.)

Went for the "Random" program, set it for 45 minutes on Level 4, thinking that level would push me but not be too overwhelming since it's been a while since I have done a bike workout. I'm not sure if I've gotten stronger or if something was wrong with the bike, but it wasn't THAT hard. Oh don't get me wrong - I definitely worked up a good sweat (on top of the sweat I had going in), and my heart rate was up. But my legs didn't feel like they were working THAT hard, even on the "steep" bits that popped up.

My butt is definitely sore though!!

My left leg is a bit sore on the back of my thigh - and steps weren't necessarily fun on the way home. But it seems to be feeling better now. I hope so!!! Tomorrow it's back to running!! (Speaking of which, I need to make sure to load the week two podcast onto my iPod.)

I am thinking I'll get in bed soon - partly to get my 7-8 hours of sleep so I can take advantage of those good fat-burning hormones that only come out when you're sleeping deep and partly to keep from eating something because in spite of having a good dinner of TJ's multi-grain waffles and berries, AND my treat of 3 TJ's peanut butter cups, my stomach is trying to convince me that I need to eat something else. WRONG ANSWER STOMACH!!!
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I've been working on being better about my food. Yesterday I made up my weekly menu on Jillian's site and then went to Trader Joe's. I ended up getting stuff for the breakfasts and lunches on my menu and some cereal bars that I'll probably use for lunch. Calorie count comes out around the same. The lunch things will be dinner. They're sandwich and wrap type things, which will be much lighter in the summer - cooking in an already warm NYC apartment isn't really fun. (Window units for AC only go so far.)

Tonight I opted to do breakfast for dinner and made the banana breakfast shake.

YUMMY!!!! Definitely see myself making that a staple in my menus!!

Oh...and no, you didn't miss a weigh-in. I figured since I started Jillian's program on Tuesday, I'd just shift my weigh-in to Tuesday. So we'll see what happens in a couple of days! :)


Jun. 10th, 2010 05:44 pm
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I did actually do my weigh-in this morning, but I was running late and couldn't post it then.

Last week: 186.5

This week: 186

So half a pound. But it's a loss!

I'm more pumped that I know I've lost 4 inches off my chest, which definitely makes me feel like I'm making progress.

Of course then I was unable to resist snacks at the workshop I attended today, so...blah.

I have decided that on the 15th (aka payday) I am getting a notebook that shall be my food notebook where I will write down every little thing that goes into my mouth. I suspect I'm eating more than I'm admitting to myself. So putting it down on paper will help. I hope.
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Did Level 1 again this evening. :) Yay!

Also? Walked all around Times Square, Chelsea, Union Square, Greenwich Village, the East Village, and 14th Street. So lots of exercise in today!

To make up for the icky eating I've done this weekend so far. Oops!


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