Jul. 10th, 2010 07:23 am
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Updating on yesterday's workout early since I was out late.

I decided (at the urging of some online exercise buddies) to give Bob Harper's new Inside Out Method Body Rev Cardio workout a whirl.

How bad could it really be, right? He's the "nice" one isn't he?

Um...I've felt pretty competent and like I was getting a good workout with Jillian's dvds up to now.


OMG, this dvd is unlike anything I've ever encountered. 60 minutes (a little more including warm-up and cool-down) where you don't stop. Or you're not supposed to. I did take a couple of "breaks" here and there. And I definitely modified some of the exercises - either all the way through or partway through. The one thing that's comforting is you can see Bob's three minions - or at least two of them - struggling themselves. I did want to reach through the computer screen and STRANGLE Becky when she tells him her thighs aren't burning and he punishes ALL of us for that.

I cried a couple of times (namely in the long-held squats), and did utter more than one "Oh HELL no!" when he said what we were going to do. Nevertheless I usually did it - or adapted it.

I was DRENCHED in sweat when it was over. I think the sports bra I had on is STILL wet.

It's definitely a great workout...but I'm definitely going to have to work into it.


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