Aug. 28th, 2010 03:59 pm
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Today was going to be my first attempt back at running since the whole knee cramping (or whatever it HURT) when walking down stairs incident of Wednesday. It is a gorgeous day, so I contemplated going to Central Park and running or going to Prospect Park and checking that out. But I decided to hit the gym for a couple of reasons. First, ironic as it may seem, I feel like I've got more control over the treadmill in terms of speed, incline, etc. than outside. And second, and most important regarding the knee, it's a fixed distance from the subway station. In case anything DID go wrong, I'd rather be a fixed distance from the subway station than potentially be on the other side of the park from the subway station.

So gym it was.

I started with my warm-up walk, then went to a faster walk before increasing to a run. And I only ran in 5 minute segments with 5 minutes of 4mph walking between. I felt great, and did 5K in 44:15. So that was slower than Wednesday, but my knee felt FINE after!! I can try increasing the running time - or possibly going at 5mph for my 5 minute segments - during the week. And then next Sunday I'll basically just listen to my body. I'll try to walk around and get myself warmed up before the race starts so I won't have to do that first 5 minutes walking, but we'll see.

Overall I'm feeling good.

And really feeling like a runner - when I couldn't run for a couple of days it was really hard. I found myself WANTING to run. So I just have to make sure I don't push things too hard.

When I got home I decided to do the "15 Minute Yoga Abs" segment on Bob's Yoga for the Warrior dvd to work my abs a little. Make that A LOT!!!! Other than using boat pose as a base for some of the work, there is nothing yoga about that workout. It is 15 minutes of solid abs. I didn't do everything - there were a couple of places where I just had to rest or go to simple crunches. I'm sure my abs will let me hear about it for DAYS to come.

But I know I'll be back for more. Hee!


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