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Running is coming along well. I have a 10K on Sunday. We shall see how that goes. Fingers crossed!!!! I have to clear 4.1 miles in an hour or less to avoid being swept - a quirk of this course and having to be clear of an area by 9:30. If we start RIGHT at 8:30 I should be good. If we go much beyond that...well, we'll see. I'll give it my best shot and see what happens.

Today I did all of Bob's Super Strength workout. It's so tough. I'm still not sure if I like it or not. LOL. I know it does good for me though, so that's incentive to do it. I'd love to keep it up during training, but I suspect I should do it more than once a week...and I really wanted one of my 2 cross-training workouts to be yoga. So...I don't know. We'll see.

So far things seem to be going well though! Woo!
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Let's see...

Sunday. Race for the Cure. I ran it in 39:14!!!! I was in shock! When I rounded the last curve and saw the finish line clock and did the math I'm pretty sure the words "What the fuck?!?!?!?" left my mouth. Kind of loud. And the best thing is I ran the majority of the time!! :)

Did all of Bob's Super Strength dvd. The jury is still out on if I like it or not. It's tough, and I had to take a lot of breaks - and also need to get some weights that let the bar sit a little higher off the floor because I'm killing my knuckles with plank rows and alternating T-stands with my weights now.

Yesterday was the cardio dvd. I'm liking it better - still VERY glad my name isn't Becky. Ha! And I noticed that today was the first time I haven't been sore the day afterwards! Woohoo!!

Today I went back to the gym to run. I decided to take the towel I got from Tiger Balm at the sponsor expo on Sunday and throw it over the display like I've seen some people do. And wow! I didn't get nearly as tired as I do when I can see the display. (I decided to give it a shot since there weren't timers on the route on Sunday and I ran a lot more...I'm thinking that seeing the time does a mental number on me and makes me more tired than I really am.) And wow!! I ran for 30+ minutes at 4.8mph!!! I say + because I stupidly accidentally hit the stop button partway into the run - I guess I got too close to the front rail and my hand hit the stop button on a swing - and had to restart, so my time restarted at 0. BUT I know I started running during the closing credits on Dr. Phil and I stopped when the 2nd episode of Judge Judy came on.

AND I felt great doing it! Stretched out for at least 20 minutes afterwards, and everything feels fine! :) Yay!!!
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So things have been going along pretty well with my workouts. I did take today as a rest day because the muscles at the upper backs of my thighs (are those still hamstrings?) have been really tight. The foam roller and I are about to have some quality time!!

Tomorrow will likely be yoga - get some good stretching in!

Then Sunday is the Komen Race for the Cure! Excited!!

BUT!!!!!! My BIG NEWS!!!!!

www.MyVacationCountdown.com Ticker

Yep...you read that right! I'm doing the Walt Disney World Half Marathon on January 8, 2011!!!!!

Setting up my training calendar this weekend.

I'll still be using this blog for general Project LB stuff and the occasional "here's how training's going" update, but for specifics, bookmark Running With Mickey! - it's the blog I'll be using for detailed blogging of my training for the half!

I'm so excited!!!!!


Sep. 3rd, 2010 05:35 pm
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Yes, you read that right!!!

I ran 5K in under 40 minutes!!!!! Woot!!!!!

Even better? I ran a mile at 5mph!!!! I think I could have gone further, but I didn't want to push and injure myself.

I'm not going to hold myself to under 40 for the race on Sunday, but I'm also not going to complain if it happens. Ha!! (I looked at the results from last year, and the last person to finish did so in like an hour and 19 minutes. So I'm pretty sure I won't be last!)

But I'm psyched!!!!


Sep. 1st, 2010 08:53 pm
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Improved my time by a bit today, so that's good!

What I'm more impressed with about myself right now is that 1/5 of a mile was at 5.5mph! I'm trying to work on varying my speeds since I'm sure that race nerves and being around other runners will influence my speed a bit. By doing up and down speed variations, I'll push my body until I HAVE to slow down so I can teach my muscles what the signs are that I need to adjust. I'm feeling good though!!

Also, I bought a heart rate monitor today - it'll help me keep much better track of the calories I'm burning so I have a much clearer idea of what's going out and I can adjust what's going in accordingly. :)


Aug. 30th, 2010 10:06 pm
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That's what I ran 5K in today!! I was so pumped...and also a little freaked. I walked pretty fast and had to take a longer way around to get to the gym, so I counted that as my warm-up, which meant I started out running. I started at 4.5mph with a 1.0 incline, then about 10 minutes in went to 4.7mph with a 0.5 incline and switched between the two for most of the time. I did do about a 4 minute "walk" at 4.2mph, and towards the end I bumped it up to 5mph, so for all but 5 minutes of it I was running!! :)

And the best part was that at the end I didn't really feel like "OMG I HAVE TO STOP" like I have before. I'm not sure what made today different - maybe the solid rest day yesterday? I do plan to rest on Saturday so I'm ready for the run on Sunday. EEEE!!!!


Aug. 28th, 2010 03:59 pm
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Today was going to be my first attempt back at running since the whole knee cramping (or whatever it HURT) when walking down stairs incident of Wednesday. It is a gorgeous day, so I contemplated going to Central Park and running or going to Prospect Park and checking that out. But I decided to hit the gym for a couple of reasons. First, ironic as it may seem, I feel like I've got more control over the treadmill in terms of speed, incline, etc. than outside. And second, and most important regarding the knee, it's a fixed distance from the subway station. In case anything DID go wrong, I'd rather be a fixed distance from the subway station than potentially be on the other side of the park from the subway station.

So gym it was.

I started with my warm-up walk, then went to a faster walk before increasing to a run. And I only ran in 5 minute segments with 5 minutes of 4mph walking between. I felt great, and did 5K in 44:15. So that was slower than Wednesday, but my knee felt FINE after!! I can try increasing the running time - or possibly going at 5mph for my 5 minute segments - during the week. And then next Sunday I'll basically just listen to my body. I'll try to walk around and get myself warmed up before the race starts so I won't have to do that first 5 minutes walking, but we'll see.

Overall I'm feeling good.

And really feeling like a runner - when I couldn't run for a couple of days it was really hard. I found myself WANTING to run. So I just have to make sure I don't push things too hard.

When I got home I decided to do the "15 Minute Yoga Abs" segment on Bob's Yoga for the Warrior dvd to work my abs a little. Make that A LOT!!!! Other than using boat pose as a base for some of the work, there is nothing yoga about that workout. It is 15 minutes of solid abs. I didn't do everything - there were a couple of places where I just had to rest or go to simple crunches. I'm sure my abs will let me hear about it for DAYS to come.

But I know I'll be back for more. Hee!
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Ok, it may not seem that impressive, but it's 2 minutes less than the last time I attempted it. AND I ran all but about 10 minutes of it - 5 minutes walking for the warm up and a song and a half that I walked through (though not in a row). AND it was with an incline of 1 as opposed to 0. I feel accomplished!!

Of course my right knee has now decided to cramp when I go down stairs. What fun. I can sit with it bent, I can walk on it on level ground - no pain. Literally no pain unless and until I go down stairs. Then I go down stairs and, crampy. So I'm resting it well tonight (I iced it...may use the heating pad later on) and will rest it tomorrow as much as I can. MAYBE do some yoga, but I'll see how things are feeling. The last thing I want to do is take myself out of commission just when I'm getting into things better. AND have two races coming up - the WTC Run To Remember on 9/5 and the Komen Race for the Cure on 9/12.

So overall, it's a yay...but with some caution.
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With temps in the triple digits - and high humidity - I made the executive decision to declare it a chill day. Just walking to and from the subway (and a side trip to Trader Joe's), I sweated quite a bit. Also, my apartment has only a window unit a/c and a couple of fans, so I decided not to push it. I'm hanging in my bedroom with the lights off (conserving at least SOME electricity, plus lights put out heat) in my underwear to stay cool. It's that kind of day.

If it's this hot tomorrow (I need to check the news), I'll take stuff and go to the gym and do a workout on a spin bike or something. At least they have something resembling central air.

That said... I have a new running goal to add on!!!

First goal is a 5K in September. I'm leaning towards the Komen, but not positive yet.
Second goal is to run the Disney World half-marathon in 2012. I'm not going to rule out doing the full, but the half feels like a good initial goal that's subject to increase. I'd rather start "small" (like 13.1 miles is "small") and then before I have to choose say "You know what? I can do the full!" than start going for the full and have to drop back to the half. Does that make sense? (I'm also not silly enough to think I'd be ready for even the half in 2011. I want to push myself, not kill myself.)

So... Yeah!! Another sign to make and hang up!! I seriously need to get a bulletin board and make it my goal board!


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