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I DID IT!!!!!

I was up at 5:30am to have my banana breakfast shake, get dressed, and hit the subway to catch the ferry to Governor's Island for the 2nd Annual World Trade Center Run to Remember.

The race started a little after 10. I did try the trick of having slightly slower stuff at the beginning of my playlist, and it helped a little...but I still ended up walking a little more than usual - though for a first real solid run outside, I'm not holding that against myself. I think I ran faster than usual when I did run. When I hit the 1 mile marker, the timer was between 12 minutes and 13 minutes, so I know I went out fast! I ended up having to jump into a porta-potty about mid-way through for a minute - they had a weird set up and had us around the starting area where there were no potties around 20 minutes ahead of gun time. I had unknowingly planned my playlist almost exactly right. When I rounded the corner and could see the finish, "Die Vampire, Die!" came on (a song about telling your inner demonic voices to STFU!), and for the last .11-ish I rounded it out with the beginning of "I Run For Life" - which are my two "power songs". I busted butt towards the finish line and crossed somewhere around 41:32. I remember seeing that number, but I'm kind of thinking it was when I turned around in that "OMG I JUST RAN A 5K!!!" haze. The official results aren't up yet.

I'm really proud of myself!! Hopefully this week I can get outside and *maybe* improve my time next week in the Komen - though since there are hills involved there, I'm not going to be mad at myself if I don't do better.


Aug. 30th, 2010 10:06 pm
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That's what I ran 5K in today!! I was so pumped...and also a little freaked. I walked pretty fast and had to take a longer way around to get to the gym, so I counted that as my warm-up, which meant I started out running. I started at 4.5mph with a 1.0 incline, then about 10 minutes in went to 4.7mph with a 0.5 incline and switched between the two for most of the time. I did do about a 4 minute "walk" at 4.2mph, and towards the end I bumped it up to 5mph, so for all but 5 minutes of it I was running!! :)

And the best part was that at the end I didn't really feel like "OMG I HAVE TO STOP" like I have before. I'm not sure what made today different - maybe the solid rest day yesterday? I do plan to rest on Saturday so I'm ready for the run on Sunday. EEEE!!!!


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