Oct. 3rd, 2010 07:04 pm
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I’m back from the Get Outside on Governor’s Island 10K!!

It was my first, and overall it was great! It was COLD at the start because of wind – I guess when you’re on a little island in New York Harbor you’re going to get wind from all sides. But once I got going I forgot about it – except when it became a headwind from hades. Oy!

Still, I ran within myself and walked when I needed to. I still improved on my 5K time with the first 1/2 of the race. I was on track to essentially double that time but in the last mile or so, my right knee tightened up a bit so I slowed down to keep from doing serious damage.

One thing that was great that at around 4.1, someone from my running club was the volunteer marshall. We hadn’t met yet, but I was wearing my new club singlet, and she saw it and was all “WOOHOO FRONT RUNNERS!!!!!!” and then asked if I was Beth (we have a women’s listserve, so we’d chatted online). She was SOOOOOO encouraging, it helped me fly through that section of the course.

I still managed to pull a 1:17:19 chip time!! (1:18:10 gun time) So I’m happy with that! Even if I was last in my age group. I RAN IT and that’s what matters!!

Eating now, and icing the knees with bags of berries and chicken fried rice. Hey…you go with what you’ve got. LOL.

Oh yes…one discovery I made? I can definitely use GU Mint Chocolate gels!!! That stuff is good!!!!

And a picture of me before I left this morning. Forgive the backwardsness…I had to take it in a mirror.



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