Sep. 10th, 2010


Sep. 10th, 2010 09:17 am
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I am learning it really is true - if you write down everything that goes into your mouth, you're more likely to lose weight! Loving!! It makes it SO easy to keep track of your calories!! Both the ones you burn through exercise and the ones you take in through eating.

The numbers speak for themselves.

Last week:
weight - 191.6
body fat - 35.3%
water - 47.1%
bone density - 6.6%
BMI - 30.8

This week:
weight - 187
body fat - 34.8%
water - 47.6%
bone density - 6.6%
BMI - 30.0

AND might I add that lovely girlie times started yesterday!! So clearly something's working!! Yay!!

Lots more to report on later!!! Stay tuned!!!
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So things have been going along pretty well with my workouts. I did take today as a rest day because the muscles at the upper backs of my thighs (are those still hamstrings?) have been really tight. The foam roller and I are about to have some quality time!!

Tomorrow will likely be yoga - get some good stretching in!

Then Sunday is the Komen Race for the Cure! Excited!!

BUT!!!!!! My BIG NEWS!!!!! Ticker read that right! I'm doing the Walt Disney World Half Marathon on January 8, 2011!!!!!

Setting up my training calendar this weekend.

I'll still be using this blog for general Project LB stuff and the occasional "here's how training's going" update, but for specifics, bookmark Running With Mickey! - it's the blog I'll be using for detailed blogging of my training for the half!

I'm so excited!!!!!


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Acronyms You Should Know

30DS or The Shred = The 30 Day Shred (Jillian)
BFBM = Banish Fat Boost Metabolism (Jillian)
YM = Yoga Meltdown (Jillian)
TBL = The Biggest Loser
C25K = Couch to 5K

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