Apr. 15th, 2010


Apr. 15th, 2010 04:48 am
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Alright...I'm up earlier than I usually am so I can get my workout in today. So I went ahead and did my weigh in.

Starting weight: 199
Today's weight: 194

I'd be really excited if I hadn't cheated earlier in the week and gotten on the scale because I felt fat. Then I was 192. I didn't really alter my eating that much between the two days. So I guess part of what's different is the lack of sleep I got last night. A friend was going to crash at my place after seeing a show that was 90 minutes. He promised me that he would come straight here, which should have taken an hour at most. Which still put me up beyond what I wanted/needed to be. But then he was 30 minutes beyond that! Lovely metabolism wrecking lack of sleep. And it'll happen again tonight because we're seeing a show I'm not even sure I want to see because I feel like I'm pretty much over.

Anyway... 5 pounds is still good. Nothing to sneeze at. And I need to focus on the positive rather than getting stressed and upset which will just screw with my metabolism even more.

Also? I did notice before I got out of bed that my abdomen, especially the top part where there's been a little cluster of fat (still is, but not as big by a little) slopes down a bit now rather than poking out when I'm laying down. So that's some progress too. :)
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And Day 10 is in the books. As I suspected, it was kind of hard with only 12 hours rest from Day 9, but I made it.

Tomorrow? I'll try moving it up to Level 2... We'll see. I've already heard the killer plank is in there.

Farewell Level 1. You've been a good friend and I shall miss you!


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